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Known as Xela for travelers and locals in the region. Xela is as much as the commercial center of the Upper West and is the second largest city of Guatemala. As Xela not have the constant influence of tourism Antigua, is considered by many an excellent site to study Spanish so we can have a sub in the Guatemalan culture references.

We have carefully selected the best tours, walks and tours available in the region to build our catalog of tourist services. Ranging from half-day tours for the indigenous peoples of the region. We are more than willing to provide the necessary information from Quetzaltenango and around for you to enjoy your stay and meet our lovely cultural diversity, colorful traditions and capricious geography.


Although disconcerting at first, it is pretty easy once you feel your way around. Local buses are good for long distances and only cost Q1.00. However, most places can be reached on foot in less than 45 minutes. The buses basically go in two directions: to the Minerva terminal or the Rotunda and all pass by Parque Central at some point. It is always best to ask. Buses going to Minerva terminal can be caught in 8a Calle at the intersection of 12 Avenida. They either go out 4a Calle (El Calvario) or up 14 Avenida and nearly all pass through or near La Democracia. Going to the Rotunda, buses stop at 10a Calle near 11 Av.



  • La Luna: Corner of 8 Avenida 4 Calle. This quaint little cafe has the best cup of hot chocolate in town!! Also serve coffee and great deserts. It is great for studying since the music is soft.
  • Café Baviera: 5a Calle 13-14, Zona 1, just off of the park. Good music and many types of coffees and deserts.


  • Cardinalli’s Pizza: 14 Avenida, below the Teatro Municipal. Good pizza, Italian style and safe salads.
  • Guiseppe’s: 15 Avenida 4 Calle. Second floor of the commercial centre across from the post office. Great pizza, Italian food and safe salads.


    • Check before you leave, but most travellers will find it very easy to enter Guatemala. You will almost always be issued a 90 day tourist visa which can be extended in a number of ways if needed. Visa can be reissued at Adrenalina Tours inside Pasaje Enrique in Xela for Q350.00 a useful aid for the longer term student. This service takes approx. 1 week.
    Passport, photocopy of your passport, driver’s license or other identification, traveler’s checks, $50.00 in cash, and a local Ladatel phone card are recommended.
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