I have attended several schools in Xela but must say that Casa Sosa was the absolute best. It is a family run business and school and everyone so nice. I felt like I was a part of their family. My teacher was Damarys the first week. She was excellent. The second week I had a different teacher named Miriam who is also the director of the school.she was also excellent. Miriam taught me a lot in a short time and kept the school running also. Not only were two teachers excellent but the schools was immaculate and the food was the best in Xela. I highly recommend Casa Sosa School. You get much more than you pay for

Lucy Ryan

Miriam and I worked out clases and developed a very effective system for learning Spanish. Miriam is a very patient and effective teacher. We worked two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon. You will have excellent pronunciation, vocabulary, and be able to conjúgate verbs in your first week. This is an inexpensive way to jump start your way into Spanish. I would highly recommend that you enquire with Trinis or Miriam

Brad Sonday.

Gracias para todos! We have had a great time staying with you for the last week and we feel that we are understanding and talking Spanish much better than we were at the beginning of the week. Thanks again.

Tom and Heidi

I must say that this has been the best experience of my life in learning to speak Spanish. I stayed at Casa Sosa for three weeks and have to say that I learned so much Spanish that I can now hold an intelligent conversation which I could never do before. The school is amazing. First of all, it is a family run business. The Director of the program is Miriam. She has developed the program, designed the space, hired the best teachers in Xela, and runs the program. One of the many things I liked about this program is that home stay and classes are all in the same building. This is unique. The meals were outstanding. Miriam’s mother is the chef and really everything she cooked was delicious. Try this school and you will not be sorry.

Brad Sonday.

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