Casa Sosa One of our projects is to help the education of children who are the future of our Guatemala. Home Sosa help you get a better life for those in need and who are the. 60% of the population (poor community in Guatemala), being our first stage, the House Sosa School. Give special support to children who are indeed the future of our society.


A percentage of tuition Sosa House is to support these projects, and many of our students participate in them directly. If you want to spend time with these projects, please tell us your interests during registration. If you are staying in Xela for a month or longer, their participation in these projects would be a valuable contribution.

In Quetzaltenango you can support us with students in the primary grades, with weekly and biweekly classes, all taught by the staff of the association year.


There are four kindergartens and in each there is a mother responsible for the care, safety and hygiene of the child.


The coexistence of Guatemalan children and teachers with foreign students.

If a student is interested in volunteer work they could do so in these nurseries, teaching to paint, to read, to write, to draw, and to collaborate with the child’s education.

Here are presented links to various volunteer projects around Xela.

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